Volunteering at the Day Center

Our Day Center is where our families are during the daytime hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., every day of the week, including weekends. Volunteering at the Day Center is being on the physical site of the day center for a determined time as agreed upon by you and our Director.

If you wish to volunteer at our Day Center, please contact Rose Money at rose@familypromiseoftv.org.

Types of projects to do at the Day Center when you volunteer:

·       Provide hospitality and support to homeless children and their families.

·       What does this mean? Baking cookies for the children, tutoring children with homework, playing with the children (working with the children must be with permission from the parents), talking with the guests of our program.

·       Providing resources and referrals to families.

·       Administrative tasks such as: typing, filing, answering phones, etc.

·       Open and/or close center.

·       Drive our van at 7:00 am to pick up families and bring them to the Day Center or at 5:00 pm to transport families to the Host site where they will sleep for the night. (A DMV report is run on each volunteer driver so they can be added to and covered by our insurance. A 30 minute training session is required prior to driving. Drivers must have at least five years of driving experience).

Volunteering for Family Promise at a Congregation/Host site

During the week there are approximately 50 slots for volunteers. Some congregations have a different member for each slot, and some volunteers take on multiple roles. Volunteers come from the Host and Support Congregations and from the community and are assigned duties by the Volunteer Coordinators—members of the host congregation who oversee the week.

The congregations are where our families eat dinner and spend the nights from 5:15 pm-7:00 am in morning. The congregation provides dinner, breakfast, lunch, and family-centered housing seven days a week. Families arrive at the place they will sleep for the week on Sunday afternoon and depart from that location the following Sunday morning. Volunteers can help every night of the week in the following areas:

Pantry Needs (One volunteer or more during a Host's rotation week)

Volunteers supply immediate needs of milk, orange juice, deli meats, lunch fixings, and any other supplies that are suddenly needed.

Dinner Preparation (Two or Three volunteers in advance of 6:00 pm)

Dinner is a hot meal prepared at the volunteers’ home or in the congregation’s kitchen and is served around 6-6:30 pm. Cooking dinner is a good opportunity for congregational groups – such as a woman’s, men’s, couple’s group and youth group. Some congregations have a “night out” dinner, serving pizza, fried chicken etc. Volunteers help reheat food in kitchen, lay it out for serving, eat with the guests, and asset in cleaning up afterward.

Dinner and evening hosts (Two volunteers 5:30-9:00pm); some Hosts combine dinner preparation and evening hospitality together in one shift.)

Hosts arrive to open the building, welcome guests, lead the meal, make sure the time table is kept, insure safety, enforce program guidelines, and note needed pantry items for following days of hosting. Dinner and Evening Hosts also socialize with guests and assist with guests’ needs. After dinner Hosts may conduct children’s activities, help with homework, or assist a guest with a particular need.

Overnight Hosts (Two volunteers from 9:00 pm – 7:00am)

Overnight hosts spend the night at the host congregation. FPTV provides the mattresses and volunteers bring their own bedding. Overnight Hosts are available in case of emergency.

Breakfast Preparation (Possibly one or two volunteers, 6:00-7:00 am OR the overnight hosts do breakfast preparation)

On weekdays breakfast is a quick, simple meal (cereal, muffins, yogurt, juice, and coffee) because guests must be ready to leave early. At some congregations, one or two volunteers arrive at 6:00 am to prepare breakfast and assist in cleaning up, which allows the overnight host to leave in time for work. On Saturdays schedules are more relaxed and Hosts can prepare something more substantial, such as bacon and eggs or pancakes.


Volunteers purchase and donate food staples, paper products, cleaning supplies, and other needed items for the Day Center (i.e. daytime residence of families).


Volunteers plan and organize special activities and events such as arts and crafts projects, videos, game nights, parties and outings for the families.


Volunteers bring in a birthday cake if needed or birthday balloons and/or decorations for guests’ birthdays.

Helping with materials: posters or stuffing envelops and sending them out

1.     At our Day Center

2.     With one of our congregations

3.     Helping a Board member

Fundraising Events 

1.     Helping congregations with fundraising events for FPTV.

2.     Helping with a FPTV fundraising event.

3.     Speaking with congregations/youth groups/etc. about FPTV.

4.     Speaking with corporations/ businesses re: FPTV.

Contact Rose at rose@familypromiseoftv.org to volunteer.