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“I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot, pretty overwhelmed and down because I didn’t know what was coming next… I didn’t know where we were going to sleep that night. Hearing a little bit about Family Promise, I didn’t hesitate to call, and I’m glad I did, because it was that bridge that we needed. We were welcomed with love and open arms.” 


"Thank you so much. I’m excited for my new life. Thank you for standing beside me throughout this journey- I couldn’t of done it without FPTV."

Jeff & Nicole

"We immediately felt like this was the right place for our family… I was constantly stressed about everything. Then I came here, and the FPTV staff has been so amazing, getting us out of that mindset of we’re not just surviving today, you’ve gotta think about tomorrow.”


“One day I got a call from Family Promise…that’s how it started. They helped us, coached us as mentors, provided their time, got us healthcare. Now, I’m on my feet, and I’m going to utilize all the resources they showed me, and my family and I are going to move on. Thank you!”

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