FPTV Staff Dogs

We shared our dogs with our community as part of our 2021 giving campaign. At FPTV, we love our dogs and know that our guests do, too. Our furry friends not only provide companionship and unconditional love, they are cherished members of our families. For many experiencing homelessness, the thought of entering shelter without their pets is unthinkable. Keeping families together is the cornerstone of Family Promise – that's why pets are welcome in our shelter program. 



Reports to: Rose Money

Bodega (aka Bodie) was born July 24, 2016 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind program in Boring, OR. He was “career changed” (aka “flunked out”) in April, 2018, and joined our home soon after. While training during the first part of his life, he lived on a horse farm in Utah before spending six months in downtown Denver. He then came back to Boring and was offered the new vocation of "pet" vs. working dog. Bodega is very intelligent and always one step ahead, with his own view of how things should be. If you haven’t seen it, he highly recommends his favorite movie produced by the Guide Dog program, “Pick of the Litter.”



Reports to: Gaby Logan

Callie is a youthful 10 years old, born October 16, 2011, in Manteca, California. She is an Australian Shepherd with lots of energy and drive. Callie is such a cuddle bug, goofy girl, and a trail or beach enthusiast!



Reports to: Mayra Mendoza

Kodi is a Pomsky. Large for his breed, he was used for breeding before he came to live with us in April of 2018 where he enjoys a much quieter lifestyle. He loves to cuddle with his doggie sister. 

Juniper down.jpeg


Reports to: Timothy Bland

Juniper hails from Bastrop County, Texas. At seven weeks old, she was found in a ditch with her thirteen siblings. She loves all of her farm animal friends, especially Moe and Dozer—her two favorite goats! She especially enjoys her morning goat walks.

Donnas dogs.jpg

Losa, Sam, & Jack

Report to: Donna Crews

Jack is a quiet Pit mix who is six and a half years old.  He’s pretty shy and likes to keep to himself most of the time.  He’s a great swimmer and loves to go on hikes where it’s not too crowded.  


Losa is a four year old Boxer mix.  She is very friendly with people and other animals.  She seeks attention wherever she can find it and will howl if she feels she is not getting enough! 


Sam is a Pointer mix who is also four years old.  Sam loves to be physically active and offers us challenges on every outing. When he's not out running and pulling on the leash to go faster, you might find him quite content at a playground where he loves to go down the slides.


Luna & Bud

Report to: Dannica Fetters

Luna and Bud were adopted from Oregon Dog Rescue and both found at a kill shelter in Northern California. Luna was adopted in 2017 and Bud in 2022. Luna is a Certified Canine Good Citizen and likes all things outside. Bud is still a puppy who likes anything his big sister likes. They both are Cattle Dog mixes who like to invent lots of activities—especially those involving  bothering their three cat siblings. 

Stella- Elise.jpg


Reports to: Elise Schaff Laubach

Stella is a seven year old Great Dane rescue who had four homes before coming to live with us. She is a sweetie who loves to cuddle her people, but she can’t be with other animals. At a petite 105 pounds, steer clear of her path when she gets the "zoomies" and races around the backyard at full speed!

Lisa-Buddy and Ollie.jpeg

Buddy & Ollie

Report to: Lisa Fu

Buddy is 11 years old and takes great pride in taking good care of his baby. Buddy and Baby Ollie were adopted into our home on the same day. Ollie is 9 years old and grew up on the streets of Southern California for a year and a half until we adopted him. For this reason, he prefers to wear clothes that make him feel fancy. They are both Certified Very Good Boys.