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Shelter Programs

Family Promise of Tualatin Valley runs multiple shelter programs in order to best address the varied needs in our community. These programs include: 

  • Motel Shelter Program 

  • St. Anthony's Program 

  • Cold Weather Shelter Program (November – April)

Motel Shelter Program

Prior to COVID-19, FPTV ran a rotational shelter program in partnership with our network of religious and civic organizations. We adapted this program into our motel shelter program at the onset of the pandemic due to the high health risks posed by congregate shelters. Switching to the motel model has offered numerous benefits, including the ability for our guests to cook their own healthy meals with food support from our community and achieve greater independence and stabilization through the personal space and autonomy motel rooms provide.


The motel shelter program has also enabled us to increase our capacity, such that in 2021, we were the largest family shelter provider in Washington County. This expansion has been especially critical at a time when many families and individuals who have never before experienced homelessness have lost work, fallen behind on rent, and lost their housing in the midst of a pandemic. We hear every day from people who need help, and need help now.

Today, through this program, FPTV shelters up to 15 households, both families and individuals, at a motel which features kitchenettes for easy meal preparation in every room. While guests are in program, each household receives weekly food support delivered directly to their rooms each week by a volunteer, and individualized case management and housing navigation services aimed at addressing barriers and achieving long-term, stable housing. 

St. Anthony's Program

FPTV began partnering with St. Anthony Church in 2018. This partnership has continued flourishing today through a program in which the St. Anthony community hosts one large family at a time in their shelter space. St. Anthony offers families weekly laundry and cleaning services, as well as celebratory meals and gifts on holidays. Families in the St. Anthony’s program also receive dedicated, individualized food support thanks to the efforts of outstanding volunteers. These personal touches help families feel right at home in the St. Anthony community. While in the St. Anthony’s program, families receive comprehensive case management services from FPTV staff with the goal of regaining stable housing. 

“It’s been eye-opening for many parishioners and our volunteers to see themselves in this community that have children of all different age ranges, have couples that are struggling through the same things they’re struggling through—getting their kids ready for school, getting breakfast ready. It’s been such a wonderful opportunity to make more personal and meaningful connections.”

Danny Rauda, Social Justice Coordinator, St. Anthony Church


Cold Weather Shelter Program

FPTV opened our Cold Weather Shelter (CWS) Program in partnership with Washington County’s Supportive Housing Services team. This is a temporary family shelter program (November – April) that allows FPTV to provide 22 families at a time with shelter, food support, clothing support, resume and budgetary guidance, transportation resources, and some case management services. This life-saving shelter program keeps families and children safe from the winter elements and connects them with much needed services and resources. CWS families have access to an FPTV food pantry which also offers pet food, located on the motel campus. In the last two months of 2021, this program served 25 families and provided 2,241 safe bed nights. 

“Launching the FPTV Cold Weather Shelter Program has enabled us to open our shelter doors wider than ever before. It is a joy to watch families gain momentum towards housing and stability when their essential needs are met.” 
Brylee Gnant, FPTV Case Manager

Host & Volunteer Engagement


FPTV's volunteers have played a critical role in supporting our guests in the motel shelter program by providing food deliveries throughout our guests' stays. Our church and civic partners gather food donations for our current program participants and our graduate families, when needed, and make deliveries to the motel and Day Center, which is currently serving as a food pantry in addition to hosting our staff offices. 

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