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Keeping Pets With Their People

The PetSmart Promise

When it seems like nothing else is going right, our pets provide us with a listening ear, unconditional love, and a fuzzy belly to rub. Kids learn important life lessons and gain best friends when there is a pet in their home. Through the PetSmart Promise grant program, FPTV provides program participants help with pet boarding , food and veterinary care. This assistance prevents families from having to make the heart-wrenching decision to give up their four-legged family member in order to secure shelter for their family. We also partner with a pet foster care program.

Pets are not just a compassionate afterthought. We strive to ensure families have what they need by networking with veterinarians and pet supply stores for discounts and donations. We have helped to supply everything from food to vet visits, flea treatment to leashes, litter to a little extra love. This helps families stay on track to their ultimate goal - getting back into their own home.

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