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Graduate Support Services

Helping the families we serve not only succeed today but remain stable in their housing, financial capability and career paths tomorrow.


During their time in the FPTV shelter, parents and kids alike are driven toward one goal: getting into their own home. “I can’t wait until I have my own room,” is a common refrain. “I’m going to be so excited to sleep in!” say teenagers. But as the move-out date nears, anxiety can also set in. Parents worry what will happen if they fall on hard times again without the safety net of staff and volunteers supporting and encouraging them. They are often surprised and heartened to learn that leaving the program doesn’t have to mean goodbye.


Our Graduate support program begins in the weeks before graduation as we work with families to determine what items they will need to set up their new household. Many of our families have had to give up the majority of their personal items as they entered houselessness. Our Move-In team mobilizes to engage the community in finding donations to fit the needs of each family and then moves the family into their new home! After move-in case management support continues enabling us to keep in touch with families during the critical period between exiting the program and becoming established in the community.

While families build friendships with neighbors, get involved in after-school activities, and adjust to new routines, we are available to connect them with resources, help problem-solve issues that arise, and be a friend for the bumps in the road. We know our open door culture has an impact because families often swing by months later to donate clothes or to refer a friend in need. No family needs to feel that they are alone — this is our promise.

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