Rotational Shelter

Our rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.

How It Works

Families experiencing homelessness from the Tigard-Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Sherwood and West Linn school districts are housed and supported by our group of Hosts (religious and civic organizations) located throughout the community and a centrally located Day Center located in Tualatin.  


The typical day for a family in the Family Promise of Tualatin Valley rotational shelter program looks like this: they start their morning early, often waking up at 6:00 AM in order to get kids ready, eat breakfast, and be out of the host site by 7:00 AM. Parents will head back to the Day Center to ensure that their kids catch the school bus on time. After that, parents will head off to work or stay at the Day Center to search for jobs and housing and work with our case management team.


During this time, our Executive Director and Case Manager work with families to research or apply for benefits and resources; identify housing opportunities; conduct job

searches; clear-up paperwork or financial issues; and move quickly to regain housing and independence. Parents tend to return to the Day Center by 3:30 PM to get their kids off the school bus and prepare them for the transition to the host site. By 5:00 PM, they are heading to the host site for a warm welcome, meal, fellowship, and some time to relax together as a family.

On the weekends, families still go to the Day Center during the day to enjoy time together. In this way, the Day Center is the family’s “home base” during their time in the FPTV program. They can shower, do laundry, work on homework or computer research, cook in our kitchen, and enjoy the community spaces, including a play room for the kids and a large outdoor area to play.


When a family joins our shelter program, they must quickly adjust to life in the program. They balance work and school schedules with case management appointments and meals at the host site, all while searching for housing. They are able to do this with the support of our host and supporting organizations and the volunteers who provide thousands of hours of their time annually. By having such a large network of dedicated volunteers, families are enveloped by caring, positive individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the family always feels at home.


The entire time that families are in the FPTV rotational shelter program, they receive support and counsel from FPTV staff, who help families rebuild their financial independence, find affordable long-term housing, and address the root causes that led to houselessness.