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The Reality of Family Homelessness

Every day throughout the year, mothers and fathers are striving to provide for their children. But on any given night in our area, hundreds of people will be homeless, wondering where their next meal will come from or where they will be able to sleep that evening.

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, over 40% of which is families with children. Studies estimate between 1.5-2.5 million children are homeless in the United States. This means one out of every 30-50 children are homeless. The Oregon Department of Education is predicting a 45% increase in identified homeless students in school year 20-21 due to the effects of Covid-19.

Children experiencing homelessness can have increased and chronic health problems, struggle in school both academically and socially, and have an estimated graduation rate of around 60%.


Family Promise was opened to help eliminate the growing population of homeless families. Shelters fill up quickly and some segregate by age or gender. Family Promise is unique in that we keep the family together during this process. No parent wants to split up their family.

The Impact of Club 365

For just $1 a day, or at least $30 monthly, your contributions

will allow us to provide shelter, food, and case management

for our homeless families.

As a 365 Club member, you will receive:

          1.     Recognition on our Website

          2.     Recognition in our Star Newsletter

          3.     Tax Deductible Receipt

          4.     Two complimentary tickets to our awesome events 

Club 365 members may make a designation of these funds in

honor of or in memory of a beloved person. Anyone can

participate as an individual or a group. All donations from

groups such as Sunday school classes, civic organizations,

businesses, and congregations are welcome.


To sign up for Club 365, set up an automatic monthly payment by credit/debit card through our secure platform. After clicking on the button below, select "Recurring Donation - Club 365" under the header "Type of Donation." You may also mail a check monthly, if preferred. Thank you very much for your continued support!

Please click the yellow donate button to set up a secure, automatic monthly donation through Donor Perfect.

Family Promise of Tualatin Valley is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax deductible in accordance with Federal Law. Our Federal Tax ID is #81-5297091.

Contact Elise Schaff Laubach to ask questions or get started:

Thank you to our valued Club 365 members!

SINCE 2019

Rob & Jennifer Ayers, Derrilyn Bayha, John & Kathryn Casebeer, Karen & Peter Emerson, Brian & Susan Fihn, Lisa & Albert Fu, Reed & Sandra Gurney, Susan & John Hayhurst, Bill & Nancy Hall, Caroline & Jay Jaffee, Tamra Kehoe, Laura & Ken Kramer, Dianne & Jack Lemmon, Julie & Stephanie Nader, Bob & Judy Nix, Marc & Gina Olson, Mary Kay & Mark Petersen, Laura Spurrell, George & Marilyn Walters, Caroline & Winston Young

SINCE 2020

John & Shawnie Bailey, Carolyn & Dan Barker, Jody & Tracy Clow, Dale & Jenny Cook, Ruth Cordell, Donna Hammersley, Coreen & Stephen Kraemer, Elizabeth Michels, Dennis & Linda Phelan, Bob & Diane Paetsch, Emily & Stephen Ricker, Nancy & Steve Scott, Janet & Tom Sonoff, Laurie & Brent Washburne

SINCE 2021

Eckmann Family, Patricia Erb, Inita Kazi, Emilie & Thomas Kroen, Jacqueline & Chip Kyle, Jeff Munro, Jackie Norman & Randy Anderson, Sheri & Steve Olsen, Rebecca & Paul Quinn, Michael & Kerry Weaver

SINCE 2022

David Bruhn, Alvin & Judy Emerson, Alan & Cynthia Grobey, Ronald & Roberta Janssen, John & Nicole Strong, Regina Wahlstrom, Janice Warren

SINCE 2023

Jon & Debra Gice, Ane Hornibrook, Alvin Larson, Beth Mallon, John Morton & Naomi LaViolette, Jon & Jill Woodworth

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