About Us

Family Promise of Tualatin Valley

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Family Promise of Tualatin Valley (FPTV) believes that if a student can stay with their family, in their own school, in their own routine, in their own community, they – and their families – can succeed.  This volunteer-based program relies upon community members who want to provide this support, who want to help families move to sustainable housing and regain independence, and who want to continue to be there for families when they succeed.

FPTV is a non-profit organization that serves homeless children and their families.  We, and our network of religious and civic organizations, provide families with safe sleeping space, meals, and access to resources.  Individual family plans are developed with our FPTV housing navigator to help families identify and connect with services specific to their needs with housing being the first priority.

Who We Serve and How it Works

Homeless families from the Tigard-Tualatin, Sherwood, and Lake Oswego school districts are housed and supported using a group of 13 Hosts (existing religious or civic organizations) in our communities and a central Day Center located in Tualatin.  

Hosts are just that… they host FPTV families.  This generous and hospitable outreach includes providing a warm dinner to be eaten with families and volunteers; safe, private and comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to 4 families (up to 14 people); breakfast and supplies for making lunches; and kind and supportive social interactions with the guests. Hosts or Support Hosts also provide volunteers to stay overnight with their guest families. Congregations/organizations host for one week at a time, four or five times a year. Portable beds are provided by FPTV.

Some congregations/organizations are better suited to contribute as Support Hosts due to how they are structured, their volunteer availability or other reasons.  The caring volunteers of Support Hosts fill a vital role in serving FPTV families.  They are paired with Hosts who may have the space for guests but want a partner for meals and guest hospitality.  Support Hosts follow the same guest schedule as their Host.  

Where Guests Go During the Day

During the day, family members who are not at work or school are at the FPTV Day Center in Tualatin working to increase personal and family stability and take care of their everyday needs.  The Center has a Director and Housing Navigator to help families research or apply for benefits and resources; identify housing opportunities; conduct job searches; clear-up paperwork or financial issues; and move quickly to regain housing and independence.  The Center is also the family’s “home like” place for showering, doing laundry, working on homework or computer research, and enjoying the community space. Families meet here each day after work or school, and are transported to their Host location each night.  FPTV transports guests back to the Day Center in the morning where school transportation picks them up.